Sweets of Summer: My Dilemma

I doubt that I have ever been so affected by summer before, living in Alaska most of our summer weather is still considered chilly for most of the Lower 48. However, this year I am right in the middle of the dry Reno heat in a house that has no air conditioning. As a result of this stifling heat I have started craving lighter, more refreshing foods. It makes sense that I feel this way when you look at our basic biology. The cold drives us to eat soups and hearty meals; rich and thick desserts. Being in a place that rarely got over 70, (there was one fluke summer but we don’t talk about that) I always enjoyed these heavy foods, especially sweets. If anything I have a rather impressive sweet tooth. So I don’t know what to make when I start craving lighter sweets! Most everything in my arsenal fulfills my cold weather cravings, with very few exceptions. In fact one of my favorite desserts to make are Key Lime Cookie Bites, these pair nicely with Lemon Cookies. I just want to have more variety in my summer sweets, so I decided to start looking for summer cookie recipes. To my surprise my pinterest search just yielded sugar cookies decorated like beach objects or typical symbols of summer. I then decided to take my search outside of the popular DIY website, ahhh Google, my old friend. Even here everyone was arguing that these recipes needed a change, or none of these cookies were perfect. As a result of my search I will be trying out a few recipes and write up a response to try and expand my own horizons on Sweets of the Summer. Stay tuned!!!


Key Lime cookie Bites


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